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Greece Holidays

The best way to enjoy your holiday is to plan it on your own so as to be sure that everything will work out exactly as you want it. We are here to assist you with your Greek holidays and make you feel secure enough while being in Greece. Have a look at our famous destinations in Greece and take advantage of the neighboring destinations like Turkey and Egypt by combining a vacation package which will include a visit to all or any of them! Read on and don't forget to send us your request.


As the ferry is getting close to Santorini island, all passengers are at the upper decks shooting again and again the magnificent caldera! Almost speechless due to this spectacular scenery. From one side the black lava rocks of the volcanic islands shimmer under the sun and the other side the cliff of the caldera emerges imposingly in front of the tiny ferry. The feeling of experiencing your unique holidays is getting even more intense once having entered the cable car that transfers people from the old port to Fira, the capital of Santorini. You will find yourselves sitting in a small cabin which hangs over the steep cliff! The view is breathtaking and you will enjoying it while being in Fira, Firostefani, Imerovgli or Oia, the western villages of Santorini island.

Oia is a Word's Heritage Village protected by UNESCO, thanks to its traditional architecture that dates back to the past centuries. The cave houses or captains' mansions used to be the residences of the sailors or the captains of the old village which was inhabited by seafarers. The hotels of Oia which have been built at the edge of the caldera cliff overlooking this exceptional scenery, are amazingly popular to visitors.

Santorini island is famous for its sunset! The castle of Oia is the place from where hundreds of people watch the sunset in the afternoons as it is considered to be the point with the greatest sunset view.

The peculiarities of this island do not stop here. Apart from the caldera and the sunset view, Santorini has some unique black, red or white pebbled beaches thanks to the volcanic rocks of the island.

The fertile volcanic earth of Santorini produces great grapes for making an excellent quality wine, so do try the famous Vinsanto of Santorini. What is more, the dishes made of vegetables grown in Santorini will undoubtedly offer you unforgettable flavours!


The most cosmopolitan island of Greece welcomes thousands of people from any place of the world, every year. Endless parties at the beach bars with people dancing all night long are the main reasons Mykonos island is famous for. Far from that, visitors can enjoy the amazing sandy beaches of the island where the golden sun is blended with the blue water of the Aegean Sea attracting you to dive in it immediately!

Long sunbathing hours accompanied by ice-creams, iced coffees or even cocktails, are the most common activities during the summer days in Mykonos. On the evenings, everybody strolls in the labyrinth whitewashed cobblestone streets of the city centre which consist of souvenir shops and famous designers' boutiques. You will find some small bars hidden among the picturesque neighborhoods. Do not miss a visit to the famous Matoyanni street with all the hustle and bustle life of the island.

The area of Little Venice near the city centre is ideal for an evening drink by the sea. You will see the typical Cycladic houses of Mykonos built by the sea with their wooden balconies hanging over it!

Even though Mykonos is a gay friendly island famous for its vivid nightlife, it is still ideal for family holidays who may enjoy the sand of the long beaches and the shallow water of the sea.


Athens is one of the most ancient cities all over the world! Grasp the chance to visit the city where Democracy was born. Stroll in the picturesque neighborhoods of ancient Athens, where Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and other great philosophers had stepped two thousand years ago. Visit the hill of the Acropolis and stand in front of the most imposing building of the ancestry, the Parthenon. Feel the harmonization between the spirit and material worlds while looking at the architectural tricks of Callicrates and the sculptures of Pheidias.

Then, walk along the streets of Plaka and have a rest at the cosy cafes or the traditional restaurants where typical greek mouthwatering dishes are served.

Enter the archaeological sites of the Ancient and the Roman Agoras of Athens and of course the most modern museum of Greece, the new Acropolis museum which is considered to be one of the most important museums of the world.

Culture lovers will have the chance to choose from a great variety of museums in Athens such as the Archaeological museum, the National museum, Benaki museum, the Cycladic Art museum and many more.

Taste the unique greek gyros sandwich at Monastiraki square, which is a "must eat" in Greece! When the night comes, the cafes/ bars at the paved streets are filled with young and elder people who enjoy their drinks dancing, entertaining and of course flirting! Go for a drink at the night clubs or the beach bars of the coastal avenue and If you want to penetrate in the greek culture even more, then go the famous "Bouzoukia" to listen to greek music, throw flowers to the singers and dance in… the greek way! As they say, there are no Greek holidays if you haven't visit our Athens.


Crete is the biggest island of Greece but what has made it famous worldwide is the fact that it was the centre of the Minoan Civilization during ancestry. The ancient city of Knossos where excavations have brought to light a well preserved palace that had been inhabited by King Minos, is the largest archaeological site belonging to the Bronze Age.

Knossos is located near Heraklio city yet Crete consists of four districts (Chania, Rethymno, Heraklio, Agios Nikolaos) wich are surrounded by exceptional beaches and consist of a unique natural beauty, perfect for your holidays. The culture of Crete is different from that of the other greek islands and the mainland yet it is very interesting. The traditional food of Crete is nothing less than the most tasteful experience one has ever had! The Cretan hospitality is unique to Greece and to our planet!


This is where one of the Ancient World's Seven Wonders, the Colossus of Rhodes, had been hosted. Rhodes is the biggest island of Dodecanese complex and it is famous for its Medieval City which has been listed among UNESCO's World Heritage Monuments. The Knights of Saint John built a European medieval city in Rhodes including the Grand Master's Palace.

Nowadays, the visitors can walk in the old city enjoying the romantic atmosphere of the old stone buildings and the arcade Knights street. The archaeological site of the Acropolis of Lindos town is a must see in Rhodes. Finally, visit the Butterflies Valley where thousands of colorful butterflies gather during summer and the enjoy the beauty of this natural park!


Start with a sightseeing tour in Istanbul including the great Topkapi Palace and of course the magnificent church of Saint Sophia as well as the Grand Bazaar. Fly to the Turkish capital, Ankara where you can visit the Anatolian Civilizations museum and Kemal's Ataturk mausoleum.

Grasp the chance to visit the Uchisar Citadel and the underground Kaymakli town in Cappadocia. Visit the Caravanserai "Sultanhan" that dates back to the 13th century as well as Mevlana Museum and the Theological School of Whirling Dervishes in Konya. Do not miss a tour in the ancient site of Ephesus where you will see a well preserved ancient city consisting of great buildings.


Visit Cairo and explore the market of the city and the neighborhoods of it. Taste traditional food, visit the Egyptian museum and of course plan a trip to the famous pyramids. If you are courageous enough, try a camel ride as well!! Grasp the chance to go on a cruise along Nile river in order to visit the ancient temples of Egypt such as Amoun Ra's temple and the temple of Luxor which was built by Aminophis and Ramses II, in 1450 BC, the tomb of the King Tut Ankh Amoun in the Valley of the Kings, Hourous God's temple and others. You will have the chance to sail close to the Botanical, Elephantine Island and the Mausoleum of Agha Khan or even join a plane-excursion to Abu Simbel temples.

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