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Ancient Greece Gods Pictures

One of the most important parts of the Greek mythology are the Ancient Greek Gods. The religion is ancient Greece has been polytheistic, meaning that they did not worship one, but many deities.
Created along with myths to explain how the world works, there are dozens of them, like Hestia, the goddess of hearth, or Asklepios, the god of medicine. The most significant ones are the twelve Olympian Gods:

greek gods 1. Aphrodite ,the goddess of love
2. Apollo , the god of the sun and of music
3. Ares , the god of war
4. Artemis , the goddess of the hunt
5. Demeter , the goddess of the harvest
6. Athena ,the goddess of wisdom
7. Dionysos , the god of high spirits and of wine
8. Hephaestus , the god of fire and of the forge
9. Hera ,the queen of gods
10. Hermes ,the god of travel and the messenger of the gods
11. Poseidon ,the god of the sea
12. Zeus ,the lord of the gods, most powerful and ruler of Mount Olympus and the sky

Those twelve gods, blessed with powers and cursed with human emotions like love and anger. For example Zeus, in Greek Dias, is famous for his love affairs with semi-goddesses and mortals, which always caused the envy of his wife Hera. Their residence has been atop the Mount Olympus, the highest mountain of Greece, from which derives also their characteristic name, Olympian Gods.
The twelve ancient Greek gods apart from human feelings, has also human needs. For their conservation nutrition was required, and ancient Greeks believed that they only consumed nectar and ambrosia, as these were considered rare and divine! Another characteristic of the Olympian twelve gods was their immortality. Each one of them has the ability to appear in front of mortals and provide them with advice and help.
Many examples of that can be found in the Iliad and Odyssey, works of the poet Homer. In them many time god Athena appears in various forms to Odysseys, as she has been his protector.
It is not rare of course to see the opposite. Some of the ancient Greek gods to get angry with the mortals and try to harm or punish them.

Athens Parthenon

Greek ancient gods were worshipped by the ancient Greeks, who built temples and sacrificed animals or even humans for them. They also constructed temple which were dedicated to them. Very famous is considered the Parthenon, in Athens Acropolis, which was constructed for the goddess Athena, which was the protector of ancient Athens. Another very famous temple is the one of Apollo in Delphi. This temple has been the famous Delphic oracle, from where the priestess Pythia gave her orations.

Moreover to please their gods, Greeks had numerous festivals. These religious rituals were repeated each, or every two or for years at the same season. Though they differed a lot, the goal of all of them has been to maintain a goods relationship with the gods. The festivals of Athens are the best known. Each festival has been dedicated to a god:

  • Eleusinia - festival of games held at Eleusis near Athens
  • Panathenaea
  • Anthesteria - festival of Dionysus and the new wine
  • Thesmophoria - festival o Demeter celebrated by women, and many others In these festivals everyone, whether reach or poor, could participate - though usually there have been limitations for women.

In these festivals everyone, whether reach or poor, could participate - though usually there have been limitations for women.
The ancient Greek religion as been the basis for the religion of the Roman Empire later on. The influence has been that great that Romans kept the characteristics of the deities and transforemed their names. For example, Jupiter has actually been the same deity with Zeus.

As early Christians rose to political power, the public aspects of Greek religion and culture were systematically exterminated, plunging Europe into the Dark Ages. Gradually the temple where destroyed and churches have been constructed from their remnants usually at the same position. As the new religion prevailed, even calling one Greek equaled calling someone a pagan. The European renaissance was primarily the rediscovery and reintroduction of the culture and learning of ancient Greek religion and society by western Europe. Many neo-pagan religious paths, such as Wicca, use aspects of ancient Greek religions in their practice, although the vast majority of modern Greeks are enlisted as Orthodox Christians.

ancient greek gods photo
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