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Kos town Villages Asklepieion Castle of St. John Knights Archaeological Museum
Hippocrates Plant Tree Beaches How to get there

Kos Hotels

Kos Greece Kos
Kos is the third largest island of the Dodecanese and the homeland of Hippocrate, the father of medicine. A long narrow island with two low mountains, Dikaio and Simpatro, that run along its southern coast. Its mild climate most of the year, its large beaches, its energetic nightlife and the enormous historical interest are some of the factors for attracting tourists every year. Among its landmarks are the castle of the Knights of St.John, the Asklepeion, the Ancient Agora, the Archaeological museum, the mosque and the fountain of Gazi Hassan. The cily of Kos the capital is a modern town, with avenues, modern buildings and hotels where the plane tree of Hippocrates, under which Hippocrates is said to have taught. Don't miss visiting the villages scattered round the island. Among them are Asfendiou, Pyli, and Andimacheia. Finally Kefalos village and the ruins of Astypalaia, the birthplace of Hippocrates, are worth a visit.

Kos Town - Kos Greece Kos town
Kos town is the capital and the main port of the island and is situated on the northeastern part of it. The town is modern with impressive avenues lined with palm trees, modern buildings and many archaeological sites. Kos is the ideal place for walking or bicycling, since bicycles are the favourite means of transport for the locals. Kos town is the centre of life on the island in every way. Hotels, tourist facilities, restaurants and a wide variety of shops and boutiques are concentrated at the capital.

One of the most attractive villages, located on the slopes of mountain Dikaion overlooking the sea, including the villages Zia, Lagoudi, Asomatos, Agios Dimitrios and Evangelistria.

A village surrounded by green fields, where a ruined Byzantine fortress shelters a church dedicated to the Virgin within its walls. Antimachia: Is built on a plateau near the island's airport. Visit the Venetian castle that dominates from the hill as well as the two well preserved Byzantine churches enclosed within it.

A distant village, 43km from the city of Kos, located on a hill with traditional white houses.

The Askelepieion - Kos Greece The Asklepieion
The Asklepieion was discovered in 1902 by the German archaeologist Herzog, it was built after the death of Hippocrates, in the mid 4th c B.C. and it is located 4 kilometres from the capital of the island on the top of a hill. The Asklepieion, were methods of Asclepius were applied for the treatment of the ill, was so famous at its times that many medicine students and patients from all over the world used to visit it.

Castle of St. John Knights
The castle of the Knights of St. John, built in the 15th century on the right side of the harbour is the most impressive monument of the Venetian period, in quite good condition. It is a splendid example of the imposing defensive architecture of the age.

Archaeological Museum
The archaeological museum contains findings from the Classical, Hellenistic and Roman eras including ancient ceramics, small statues of Aphrodite and Eros, intricate mosaics and the 4th c. BC statue of Hippocrates.

Hippocrates Plant Tree
It is believed that the plant tree was planted by Hippocrate, the father of medicine. It stands in front of the entrance to the Knights Castle and is considered to be the oldest tree in Europe. Here it is said the Hippocrates teach medicine to his students.

Kardamena Beach - Kos Greece Beaches
A long beach of white sand and crystal clear waters, that starts from the village's port and continues for more than three kilometres. Kardamena is the second largest tourist resort.

Located in Kos town. It is a one kilometre sandy, organized beach with a number of restaurants, snack bars and coffee shops.

Hot Springs ending up into the sea through the black sand, warm the waters up, for early of late season swims. The temperature of the water can sometimes reach 40 degrees Celsius - approximately 110 degrees Fahrenheit

How to get there

  • By air: from the Eleutherios Venizelos airport of Athens
  • By ferry: from Piraeus

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